Frequently asked questions

How much does a ticket to a Baby Morning cost?

•  4,60 €

Do I have to purchase a separate seat for the child?
• There will be a vacant seat booked for the child next to your seat for no extra charge.

Can I take the stroller to the cinema auditorium?
• Strollers are not allowed into the auditorium; there is a cinema employee who provides assistance in finding a place for your stroller. Strollers can be left in the stroller deposit in the foyer of the cinema on the first floor. Please leave strollers and prams in the deposit for the session and take your personal belongings with you to the auditorium. In order to feel more comfortable when watching the film, we recommend you to leave your outerwear in the cloakroom next to the main entry from Mere puiestee. The stroller deposit and cloakroom are free for those with a "Baby Cinema" cinema ticket.

 From what age can children be taken to the Baby Cinema? Is a one month old baby too young?
• The youngest participants of the Baby Mornings have been just a few days old and there are no age limits for taking part in the event.

Isn’t the sound too loud for a child?
• The sound is lower during the Baby Cinema sessions than during regular sessions.

How is the auditorium lit?
• The auditorium is dimly lit in the course of the whole session, so you are able to keep an eye on your child and the children can play.

Why cannot moms pick the films themselves?
• We show entertaining films at the baby mornings and the selection of films is based on what is about to be included in the schedule of the cinema and what is suitable to show. We understand that the wishes and preferences of our visitors are very different, but we are trying to show films that are suitable for watching for most visitors.

Why is it good to buy tickets from pre-sale?
• In order to enable better organization of the event, we recommend you to buy the tickets from pre-sale to avoid queues in front of the ticket offices before the session. This also avoids an unpleasant surprise before the event that all tickets have been sold out.

When will the tickets become available in the pre-sale?
• Information about the pre-sale of tickets can be found under the details of the next event.

Can I bring a friend, spouse or other children to the cinema?
• Of course you can bring a friend, spouse or other children. You will need to buy tickets for children over 3 years of age. If a film shown at a Baby Morning is marked as a family film, children up to 12 years of age get a discount.

Is there a fee for leaving my outerwear in the cloakroom?
• The stroller deposit and cloakroom are free for those with a "Baby Cinema" cinema ticket.


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