For business clients

There are not many events organized for baby expecting moms and the families that have just been blessed with a baby in Estonia. The rhythm of the lives of the families with a new baby is different and their needs are different as well. The event "Baby Cinema" is above all designed for the parents visiting the cinema with young children.

Hereby, we would like to invite family-oriented companies to come and participate in the baby mornings with product presentations. Based on feedback, it can be seen that product presentations and direct communication with companies have gained general interest and approval. We provide you with a sufficiently big table for presentations and a direct contact with the target group. In order to get a better overview, you can come and get acquainted with the event beforehand, if you like.

Many companies have participated in our events – from companies offering diapers, toys, food, drinks, clothing and cosmetics to companies offering body care.

If you are interested in introducing your products at our event, please let us know.

Please send your applications and questions to:


Telephone: 6 800 711