Special events "Baby Cinema" at cinema Coca-Cola Plaza in Tallinn

Since 2004, Forum Cinemas has been organizing a fun event "Baby Cinema" each month at the Coca-Cola Plaza.

We are very happy to welcome mommies and daddies with kids as well as grandparents with grandkids to the special events "Baby Cinema". The films are selected on the basis of what the distributors have to offer to the cinema and what would be suitable for everybody to view. Thus, the schedule includes entertaining films and films of cinematic value, as well as freshly premiered children’s and family films in the baby-friendly 2D version. Complying with the parents’ wish, no adverts are screened and no films with age restriction are shown. The aim is, above all, to offer a good film experience, a pleasant pastime, a nice change to the everyday routine and cool gifts from product presenters to enjoy at home.

The sound is a bit lower during the sessions of "Baby Cinema" and there is a bit more light than at regular sessions. Strollers can be left conveniently to a stroller deposit specifically created for that day. You can bring a car seat or a baby sling into the cinema auditorium in which a baby can fall asleep during the film, if necessary. Children can sit in their mommies’ or daddies’ lap or next to them during the film; it’s ok to move around in the auditorium or even step outside during the film, if necessary. There is a table for changing diapers and a microwave oven for warming baby food or milk next to the auditoriums.

The main sponsor of the event is HUGGIES, who gives advice and tips to parents on how to change diapers and which diapers are best-suited for children of different age. There are also free HUGGIES diapers and wet wipes available on the spot. Do not hesitate to ask more information from a representative of Huggies.

See you at the cinema,
Forum Cinemas

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