Oscar 2017 prediction game

Oscar winners will be announced for the 89th time in the early morning of the 27th of February!

This year, we are again providing everyone interested an opportunity to test their prediction skills! We would like to invite all our film fans to take part in our Oscar prediction game, the sweet grand prize of which should light up the face of any film gourmand – a Forum Cinemas Annual Pass - 100 free cinema tickets!

Hurry up and make your predictions and keep your fingers crossed for your favourites!

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  1. Best picture

  2. Best directing

  3. Best actor in a leading role

  4. Best actress in a leading role

  5. Best actor in a supporting role

  6. Best actress in a supporting role

  7. Best writing (original screenplay)

  8. Best writing (adapted screenplay)

  9. Best animated feature film

  10. Best foreign language film

  11. Best documentary (feature)

  12. Best cinematography

  13. Best film editing

  14. Best production design

  15. Best costume design

  16. Best music (original score)

  17. Best music (original song)

  18. Best visual effects

  19. Best makeup

  20. Best sound mixing

  21. Best sound editing

  22. Best short film (animated)

  23. Best short film (live action)

  24. Best documentary (short subject)